Our Courier Service Will Save You Money!

Why Should You Outsource Your Runner Function to Denver Area Express Courier Services?

Denver Area Express has a very simple business plan… it serves as your outsourced runner. It performs all the functions your runner does for you today:

    Document transfer and processing
    Scheduled mail and small parcel pickup and delivery
    Expedited short notice courier services for clients only

Experts agree: companies should outsource non-essential functions to let the entrepreneur concentrate on the functions they specialize in. Are courier services mission critical? Often.

Do you NEED an employee on staff to perform them?
In most cases… NO. Outsourcing your courier function to Denver Area Express will save you time, money and headaches. When you outsource your courier work to Denver Area Express you won’t have to worry when issues arrive such as:

    Not showing up for work
    Traffic ticket hassles
    Not having enough runner work to keep a person busy all day, every day
    …And more

The Postal Service Delivers Every Day… Why Does My Company Need Expedited Mail Delivery?
We are delighted you asked. In three words – FASTER CASH FLOW. Yes, the Postal Service does deliver your mail. But, if the mail brings you lots of customers satisfying your Accounts Receivable, Denver Area Express will get you your checks, on average, a full day sooner.
Compound that difference every business day… how can you afford NOT to retain DAE for its expedited mail delivery services? It costs you a few bucks a day. The increased float you can earn from collected cash is potentially worth thousands a month.

At a minimum, Denver Area Express wants to be the first company you call when your runner quits, retires, or you decide it is no longer economically viable to employ a full time person to perform your running services.

Give Matt Trotter a call at 303-680-5134 for a free consultation and quote on how DAE can work inside your business.